Neff, Bosch & Siemens ovens are in my opinion are the best ovens, but do suffer from hinge problems after a couple of years of use, you will find that the door doesn’t shut tightly.

Could be for one of two reasons

  • hinge wear
  • Receptor bent

both problems easily resolved by competent repairer.

Bosch washers suffer mainly with brush or carbon failure after about 5 years of use if used 5 times a week, weak drain pumps and clogging of the water inlet that drains the conditioner dispencer.

Not particularly bad because most washers suffer the same fate at the same time…

Appliance repairman started in 2001 and still repairing

  • ovens
  • cookers
  • washing machines
  • dryers
  • dishwashers

In Essex and South of Suffolk over 15 years later

everyday problems repaired included

  • heaters
  • motors
  • doors
  • door seals
  • drain pumps
  • inlet valves
  • thermostats
  • regulators